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Business Jets & Corporate Helicopters


Working in conjunction with our global business partners we can offer the following turn key services to private and corporate business aircraft owners:


* Global Aircraft Registrations

* Ownership Structures

* EU Importation Services

* Aviation Insurance

* Financial Management

* VAT and Customs Planning

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aviation services

Global Aircraft Registrations

We always recommend that owners and client representatives contact us at an early stage of of the acquisition process.  We recognise that every owners requirements are different and therefore we tailor our recommendations to each client situation   We take into account a number of different considerations such as:

1. Nationality and residence of the owner

2. Usage of the aircraft (private or AOC)

3.   VAT status of the aircraft

4. Operating area of the aircraft

5. The aircrafts current registration (if applicable)

Isle of Man Aircraft Registrations (M-REG)

With over 1,000 aircraft being registered since operations commenced, the IOMAR is the second target private business jet register in Europe and the with larger in the world.  They have been voted Best Global Aviation Registry in 2019 and 2020 in the World Commerce Review Awards. 

Guernsey Aircraft Registrations (2-REG)

With over 500 registrations on their register, 2-Reg has seen significant growth since its launch in 2013.  The Register is suited to corporate, lessor-owned and small aircraft. 

United Kingdom Aircraft Registrations (G-REG)

The UK accepts all types of aircraft and is a popular registry for owners that wish to operate their aircraft under an AOC. 

United States Aircraft Registrations (N-REG)

The US is the world’s largest aircraft register and foreign ownership is possible via an owner trustee arrangement which Oxtons can establish for clients.

San Marino Aircraft Registrations (T7-REG)

San Marino is an OECD white-list jurisdiction and the Register permits commercial air transport, the registration of airlines which are in storage, parked or between leases.

AVIATION services

Fully Tailored Services To Suit Your Requirements

aircraft aquisition

We have a proven track record of guiding clients through the acquisition process for both new and pre-owned business jets and helicopters.

Aircraft EU importation

Oxtons can assist owners with the import or export of their aircraft in conjunction with leading customs agents.  

Our importation service provides free circulation of the aircraft within  the EU without physical payment of VAT via a VAT deferment account.  The importation can be made either a Qualifying Aircraft or under an Air Operator Certificate.  

aircraft operation

Owning and operating an aircraft is a time-consuming task which requires a high level of knowledge and expertise.  

We maintain on behalf of the owner all aircraft records and logs.  We also take care of all administration and payments associated with the operation of the aircraft. 


Trusted by UHNI’s & Family Offices Around the Globe

aviation Packages

Pricing Structures For Your Every Need

We operate strictly on fixed fees basis (payable in advance) with all our clients.  This enable owners/owners representatives to accurately  plan their annual budgets for the aircraft. 

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